Friday, June 6, 2008

Daddy is that rain?

Joey and Riley kind of had their plans messed up by the Crazy Missouri Weather - really can we please have one day without a tornado siren going off, is that too much to ask? - but that aside while I was slaving away at work today, they did find time to go down and feed the ducks at our local Marina. This is one of Riley's FAVORITE things!!! She is quite sure that these fish will starve is she doesn't come feed them, and for $0.50 a bag, or leftover bread crumbs, or bagel crumbs, or old crackers, really its a cost effective way to do something fun (especially when I have old bread because it's free).

So while they were walking back up to the car I guess it started to sprinkle and this is where the fun starts.

Riley: "Daddy what's that hitting us in the face, is it rain?"
Joey: "No, it's birds"
Riley: "What are the birds doing?"
*in her 2 1/2 years of wisdom, I think she already knew where this was going
Joey: "Their pee-pee'ing on us"
Riley: "Daddy tell those birds to quit pee-pee'ing on us"
Joey: "I was just kidding Riley, it's rain"
Riley: "My daddy get them, daddy get those birds"

Riley still insists that the birds were pee-pee'ing on them and gave me a few funny shots at lunch today

I love that she's flapping her arms like she's flying while she's showing me how they were pee-peeing on her - And she's kinda got the poop face down in this one too, does she know that birds don't really pee they kinda poop all the time?

Here's a video of her explaining it all - not sure where she got the fact that daddy's was gonna "Smack 'em" but that's my girl for you, a little rough-houser :)


Milk Mama said...

Awww your little girl is so adorable! She has an adorable little voice! :)

Sarah said...

LOL! I love the video!

Jenelle said...


Riley is such a cutie! I love her little pigtails.