Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Easter Bunny is chubby

We are kind of strange parents - we don't really get into the character part of holidays so while Riley knows what the Easter bunny looks like, she didn't necessarily get goodies from a bunny. When we went to our local Easter Egg hunt we told Riley that there would be a BIG bunny there, like as big as daddy. Her first comment......."will he be chubby?"

Here is her loot from that hunt, she was proud of her goodies!!!

Then, if you can believe it, she got more goodies at Grandma's later that afternoon........and was even a big helper with putting her new DORA scooter together. I love that it has two wheels in the back for balance!!

Of course Mommy & Daddy had to get her some treats too - Chocolate bunny before and after shots

Now the real meaning of Easter was by far the most important part of the day......I am so proud at what our little princess understands and that she wants to tell everyone around what she learns each week in Sunday School. Jesus is definitely the reason for this Season too!!

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Jenelle said...

What a cute chocolate face!