Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Coolest Place on Earth (if you are 2 yrs old)

Betcha can't guess who this is - it's a secret spy. Oh wait, it isn't a secret spy, it's my Riley after visiting possibly the coolest place on earth, if you are two years old that is.
Wow - does Riley love Chuck E Cheese! Until Saturday, she had only been one time, yep one time in her whole life, but she was hooked immediately. 'She loves the pizza, she loves the games, she LOVES pulling the tickets off, she loves the kids, and she loves the Big Gray Mouse - she loves it all, just ask her.

So Saturday morning when she woke up, one of her first comments was "We're going to Chuck E Cheese today." Deep down I was thinking - wow - how did she know I was already thinking about that because I kinda wanted to take her and we have something every single weekend until the middle of May so timing is kinda tricky to say the least. (that is the definition of a run-on sentence right).

Anyway, of course the place was packed (and loud) when we got there, but we had fun. I don't normally post pictures as "flattering" as this, but here's where I won 50 tickets with one token, don't you just love that face! I shot a little token all the way up to the top into a little cup or something, not even really sure what I did, but I was pretty pumped about all those tickets.
And here's a fuzzy pic of Riley collecting all those tickets that I just won. She was pretty pumped too.
Here's a pic of Aunt Sarah and Daddy doing some "surgery" on one of the games to get their token back. Haha, glad they didn't get busted by a worker!

Needless to say - it was a pretty good day. Riley only took a 20 min nap that afternoon which meant we had a fun evening, but the rest of it was great!

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