Friday, April 11, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...........

Riley LOVES baseball games. Ok, a more accurate description is, she loves being outside at our hometown baseball games where she can run and play and catch a glimpse of boys (yes boys - she loves them) playing "bat and ball" as she calls it. We've only been to two such games this year, but with all the torrential rains we've had of late, that's pretty much how many games they have actually been able to play.

On Monday, we went to a game, then of course had to go grab some dinner because who can last from 4:30 until 8:30 without eating dinner, not us that's for sure. We got back just in time for the lightning to this was odd since we literally live about 3 minutes from the school and on the radio everything was fine as we pulled out of the driveway, but either way we had a good 45 minutes of playing and singing in the car waiting for the lightning to pass, just in time for the rain and hail to start, but thankfully they did finish the game (finally) and......our boys won - yeah for them!!!

This is a great pic of Riley "giving her babies the love" as we waited in the car. I'm not sure if I should be bothered by the fact that sometimes she'll say "fight fight fight" and have her babies clapping hands.......just exactly what that means I'm not sure, but giving them "love" is actually adorable and sweet and happens way more thankfully.

This is what was going on while we were waiting - I tried to get the hail, but you can only do so much thru the windshield.

I think my favorite part of the evening was when the big stadium lights came on and Riley wanted to know if Chad had turned on the lights. Now the funny part of this is Chad is a good friend of ours (who Riley of course adores because he is a boy) and takes care of opening and locking up our church. Well in Riley's precious two-year-old mind this means that Chad must surely turn on the lights everywhere we go.......back to the story. When Donis told Riley that she had actually turned on the lights. Riley paused, looked up, and said "did you climb up there?" What a cutie, she did get to go and see the "1-2-3 BIG switches" that Donis used, but I loved her logic, she was sure that Donis had climbed up to the tippy top of the giant poles. I love this stage we are in!


Jenelle said...

Hmm...Are the babies being cheerleaders when she makes them clap hands, or are they really fighting? There's no way getting around Riley wanting to fight and rassle though--look at your hubby. :)

Climbing up the pole! LOL CUTE! It's really very logical. She's such a sweetie.

Sarah said...

You are amazing. Go you, Rachel.