Monday, April 14, 2008

A Full Day of Birthday Parties!

What a FULL day we had on Saturday!! We started the day off with a Birthday Party for my friend Gina's little boy Evan. He turned 4 and was SOOOO excited. She claims he didn't have any sugar before the party, but I'm not sure you could tell.
Riley didn't know many of the other kids there, but that never stops her. She's usually pretty good at making herself at home and joining in on the fun. She loved the blowers and Gina was the smartest mom ever and got the ones that didn't make noise (yeah Gina!). It didn't take the kids long to figure out that they could get each other with them though. Here is Riley and Evan's attempt at that.
Evan (as well as the rest of the kids) were pretty excited about the Diego cake too - I always think it is funny to see how picky kids are about which piece of cake they want. Then they never eat even half of what you give them.........ahh birthday parties!

I don't really remember what this face was about - but he wasn't happy that's for sure. It was just too cute to leave off though.
After a quick lunch with our friends John & Jenelle & Colter and a mad dash thru Wal-mart it was naptime in the car, followed by a SURPRISE birthday party for my Grandma who just turned 80. I can't believe that we actually pulled it off and no-one spilled the beans, everyone did so good.

Here she is walking in the door, how thankful we are that we didn't give her a heart attack!
It was awesome that nearly all of our family was there - some from like 8 hrs away - some that I hadn't seen in years - some that well had never met our spouses and little ones. I think there was like 79 people or so there so definitely a crowd. We ate a lot, took a lot of pictures and had a good time. Here are some random shots from the night.

My favorite quote of the night was from Grandma herself. Mom saw an idea somewhere where you come up with 80 reasons why you love someone and decorate it all pretty for their birthday. We did just that and when Mom was explaining it to Grandma she said "I bet you couldn't come up with 80 could you?" She's so silly, we had more :)


Kangamoo said...

What a wonderful birthday present, especially for someone who doesn't really need any more things. I love that idea and will have to use it myself.

I asked a coach what he wanted as a gift once and he said, "words... from the players." So we made him a thank you book complete with pictures and the words of thanks from the boys on the team. Some of the parents had things to write too.

Jenelle said...

What a crowd! I would say more but it's 1:30 IN THE MORNING. I'm insane. I've got to stop playing with my blog now. Oh, and I tagged you. Instructions are on my latest post.

3 Men & A Lady said...

umm...what am I supposed to post about Evan's birthday? Can I just copy yours? Now I really feel behind, its bad when your friends post about your kids birthday before you get a chance too. :) Can I please get your pictures. I like to use if you want to send them that way or whichever. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

It is fun to read what you say --
And we are so thankful she didn't have a heart attack
Love, Mom