Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Got Dumped - a contest

Sometimes I read this really great blog called 4tunate which is all about life with quads. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of her precious baby boys and hearing all the exciting and slightly crazy things they get into together.

Today she posted a contest - download everything from your digital camera (don't cheat and take extra pics before you do) and send her your favorite that you found. This worked out perfectly since I just "dumped" my camera about 10 minutes before I read her blog. I only sent one in, but I couldn't pick just one to blog about so here are my favorites that I found this morning. (yes you'll probably see these again, because well they are my favorites).

Riley with her prize at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday - this is the one I sent in

Giving her babies "the love" while waiting on the rain (and hail) to stop at the baseball game on Monday.


Rebecca said...

I love the first one. So cute!

I've posted mine, too.

The Murray Crew said...

I'm sooooo glad you're playing along! It's sooooo hilariously CUTE!

Jenelle said...

I copied off you. Who was that kid with the glasses and funny nose? I don't recognize her. ;)


Great picture in the mirror by the way.