Friday, April 18, 2008

There's a Purple Potty In My Yard

I played hookie from work on Wednesday because I had a little painting I wanted to get finished, and it is kind of hard to paint with a two-year old around, so taking her to the sitter as normal and then skipping work seemed like the logical thing to do. Even more logical since I just wanted to take the day off.

Well as I was painting I thought I heard something outside but didn't really think much of it, when I looked outside though - there was a purple potty in our yard - no really a purple toilet had made its home right there in our yard - HAHAHA. I knew it was our church's Relay for Life team that had struck, but it was still a crack up to see it out there.

Riley just laughed and laughed, she thought it was quite comical that the potty was purple and even sillier that there was a potty in the yard. "We no use the potty" she was sure of that though.


Jenelle said...

How funny! I guess you have to pay to get rid of the toilet? LOL I bet Riley got a kick out of that!

Sarah said...

Hee hee...purple potty! The look on Riley's face defines the word "silly". I love it! I would imagine there was some super sweet giggling too? :)