Thursday, March 27, 2008

Priceless moments in Walla Walla

Nothing fancy for this one, just tidbits of conversations while we were gone. It always amazes me how a 2 year old's thought process can really blow me out of the water!!! She/they are just SO honest and literally mean what they say.

*When we were on the airplane, way up in the sky, she turned to tell the lady behind us that we were "Up in the sky with Jesus."

*She then told the same lady that "Easter was coming to her home and then Jesus was coming up from the dead." I didn't know if she got it, Easter is kind of hard to explain - especially since I don't think she really has a concept of death or the resurrection, but she gets it in her own way.

*Riley didn't sleep the best while we were out there. Not sure if it was the time change, new bed, just being a thousand miles from home or what......but one night she woke up to say "I have two grandma's and two papa's." Then she laid right back down and went to sleep.

*One day while napping with Grandma Peggy, she had been sleep awhile, woke up and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then laid back down and slept another hour.

*The next day, she woke up and said "Grandma, say Riley." Mom thought she was sleeping so she patted her back. Riley again said "Grandma, say Riley," so mom whispered Riley and again she went right back to sleep for another hour.

*She told the ladies at the front desk that the "little pool" (hot tub) was "Smoking hot." They loved it, but what they didn't realize is she meant it was literally smoking and really hot, they thought she was some super-cool two year old that new smokin' was a cool thing to say. She also loved that she left foot prints when she walked around.

*Riley was sure her Papa need a big rubber ball from the toy store. It was only $0.99 which was great, funny she thought that's exactly what he would want from the trip though.

*Riley was a great exerciser (and yes that's a word) with Grandma at Curves - she even held her purse while exercising which is pretty impressive!!

*She also liked "exercising" in the bathtub. I never quite understood what she thought she was doing exactly, but she liked it so much she'd get in fully clothed, with no water, to exercise too. Maybe one of you guys will understand this better than me - maybe its a push-up?

*Riley also loved Story-Time at the local library. Super cool if you ask me with all the things that they did - songs, coloring, reading a few stories, puzzles, playing on nifty toys - I want story time for big people!

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Kangamoo said...

You were in Walla Walla? I assume WA since that is the only one I know about!! Were you there for Easter?

We were in Yakima on Saturday for Lauren's High School Dance Team State Competition and then we drove to Spokane for Easter with my sister. We were so close... I would have stopped to see you. I do crazy things like that. Obviously, I left Yakima at 9pm and got into Spokane at midnight, then drove home so the kids could go to school on Monday.

Next time you are in the neighborhood (anywhere on the west coast) let me know.

Sounds like you had fun. I hope papa enjoyed his rubber ball.