Monday, April 7, 2008

I won something :)

Wow - last week was really "one of those weeks." I just didn't feel myself, I was frustrated, I was grumpy (just ask my loving husband), I was thinking lots of negative thoughts, I felt guilty for being so grumpy which in turn made me........yes a little more grumpy. But, there's a blog I read sometimes called A Cheslea Morning and Barb just sent me a message that I won this cool new Stephen Curtis Chapman CD pictured below. Wow, I never win when I enter contests, and I really could use some encouragement so I thought this was perfect timing!!! Plus, well Sunday School and Church were really great yesterday too and I'm trying really hard not to be Negative Ned this week but instead think nice and uplifting thoughts, even when life tosses me another sinus infection :)

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Jenelle said...

Yipee! Yay for Rachel!