Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where has the time gone

I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, we'll have a THREE year old. Where did the time go, just yesterday (or at least it feels like yesterday) she was perfectly content to snooze in my arms for hours on end and dependent on me for everything. Now, she is a running, jumping, story telling, silly face making, talking-my-ear-off toddler - can't you see the ornery in the pic below. Sigh........but at least that means we get to plan a birthday party, and those are always exciting!!! If you are coming to Riley's party and don't want to spoil the fun, then please quit reading, I'm too excited to wait and share everything after the party though so I'm going to post some of it now!! (November 1st, 10am by the way - please RSVP if you don't mind - invitations are on their way)
After debating we decided on a Super Sleuth party, Riley just loves the show My Friends Tigger and Pooh and it seems like it will be pretty easy and fun for the kids.

We are going to go on a Super Sleuth adventure because the cupcakes are missing - how can we have a birthday party without cake? Along the way of course we'll have to "think, think, think" just like they do on the show and hopefully we'll all be able to say "this mystery is history" before we're done. Joey will honk Riley's bike horn and pull up a homemade Super Sleuth flag for the adventure to begin (and since we don't have a flag pole, the local carpet shop said we could have a carpet roll tube - yeah Lakeside Interiors!).

To Start -
  • The kids are going to get Super Sleuth masks like Pooh wears (made out of craft foam)
  • We are going to use magnifying glasses (made out of yogurt lids & craft sticks painted black)
  • And official Super Sleuth badges printed from here

The Adventure -

  • While we are looking for the cupcakes, another flag will come up that the bouncy balls are missing - we'll have to find those and then make some baskets on Riley's little basketball goal.
  • Then after all that exercise, Pooh is going to be very hungry. So hungry that he needs some honey so we are going to make some homemade slime tinted yellow (honey of course). We'll play with that for a bit, then put it in baggies for the kids to take home.
  • Finally we'll find the cupcakes in the oven (cooled of course) and the kids will get to put icing on them as they please and use licorice or sprinkles if they want to make the ? for the super sleuth symbol or just go crazy.
The food -
  • Lemonade, Tea & Water
  • We'll have fruit, I just can't do only sugary stuff, it's not in me
  • Cookies or Brownies - maybe both :)
  • Cupcakes for the kids to decorate
  • Cupcakes already done up for the adults (iced yellow and green and placed into the signature logo)

  • Ice cream - not sure what kind yet :)
  • Plates and stuff are pretty simple - blue and yellow, nothing fancy at all

The favors -
  • I'm going to put these in simple brown paper bags, which I might have them decorate in the beginning, or I might not, haven't decided yet - probably depends on the weather
  • They'll get to take home their mask, magnifying glass, badge & "honey" that we made together
  • I'll add in a pack of Honey Grahams
  • Maybe a crazy straw
  • Some candy of course
  • I'm making Eye Spy Bags and I'm really hoping the kids like them and understand them. You take a piece of fabric and make a basic square pillow, but you make a window in one of the flat sides side using heavy plastic (I got mine from the heavy plastic bags sheets, etc come in). You fill this "pillow" up with rice and little items for kids to find like a penny, a bead, a jingle bell, small silk flower, etc and then stitch it closed. They shake it around and look for the items thru the window to try and find everything on the list. I really should have made one of these before now to see if Riley even liked it or understood it since she'll be the youngest one there - but, well I didn't, so hopefully the kids like them!

Time to go home - thanks for coming!

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Kangamoo said...

I wish we were going to be in the neighborhood. You are way too organized for this birthday party thing. I want to come and bring my little sweet 16 year old (or she will be on the 2nd... I agree where did the time go?) because she will be lucky to get a party. And she would love the party you are throwing. You are brilliant and talented and creative.

Takes me back to when my kids were small and the simple things in life were thrilling.

Have a great day!! Eat some cake for me too.