Thursday, October 9, 2008

How many babies can fit in one bed?

No we didn't have a sleepover, I think we might be a bit young for that, but my girl did say "Mom, there's just not enough stuff in my bed." (Joey and I are kind of sad by the fact that we are slowly becoming Mom and Dad instead of Mama or Mommy and Daddy.......but that's a whole different post)

I'll give Riley credit, I had moved a few of her sleep-mates back to their respective homes......becaues well their Mommy's were missing them (or I was just going for a more normal, unlumpy look for her bed, but whatever). I really didn't think she'd notice, man was I wrong, and I was met with a little opposition when I suggested they stay in their homes.We ended up with way more "friends" than had been there the night before.

Just a few babies and stuffed animals join her when she snoozes :) I think there's roughly 8 babies, 4 stuffed friends, 3 baby pillows and a baby blanket on any given night. How she fits in there I'm not even sure :)


Jenn said...

How funny, my daughter use to do that too!

Kangamoo said...

It does not get any better when they get older, just to warn you. I frequently ask my kids how they fit in their beds. Then I will tease them that all their friends kicked them out of bed. And then there is the ultimate, my 18 year old has a bunk bed.... all her friends sleep on the top bunk, she sleeps in the bottom with a couple of her favorite monkeys.