Monday, October 20, 2008

Flashback to Hope's Birthday

FFF (favorite foto friday) a few weeks ago, I posted a few pics from Riley's sweet cousin Hope's birthday. The kids had so much fun!! They played and ran and petted a cow, and a horse, and a goat if they could catch one, they played in a playhouse, they pushed each other in a wagon, my oh my, they were busy and they played great together! It was such a fun afternoon with wonderful weather. Thanks Ryan & Linda for inviting us!!
Look at these awesome bubble blowers -
so much easier for little BIG girls than the wands! Meet Shrek - he was getting horns which the kids thought was awesome! David & Hope were super brave, Riley took a minute to warm up to him. Look how sweet they are - they were talking about something sneaky I'm sure :)

These girls have it made!
But I won't tell you the boys ended up going too fast down the hill and ditching them, thankfully they stopped before the big tree stopped them.
Hope giving her Uncle Dub (Riley's Papa) some love!! What a sweetie!!!
Check out this card - her finger is the elephant's trunk, awesome!
Ladies and gentlemen, this princess can hold her own! On more than one occasion I saw her put David in his place!
And this princess, well I love her to pieces, but checkout this outfit!
Crown - check, but upside down and backwards, wings - yep, glittery shirt - yep but don't try and fasten it because then it can't blow when you run, skirt-yep, wand - of course, dirt-just a little, princess outfit complete!
And probably my favorite pic of the day - Cayman, sorry I cut you off man, I didn't mean too!

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Leslie said...

OMG i love Hopes Princess outfit!!!! Those girls are sooo cute!!!! Riley doesnt need a princess outfit we already know she's one!!!