Friday, October 17, 2008

FFF - Friends

Riley, being my little social butterfly, loves people - especially if they are her size!!! I don't think she's ever met a kid-sized stranger in her life so here are a few of her friends. Check out more FFF posts of at Sarah's blog.

Riley & Cousin Kase - Easter '08
Wish we lived like right next door!
Riley & Cousin Keeper
Look at the way she adores him - Apr '08
Riley & Evan (Gina's boy) - April '08

Riley & Colter (Jenelle's boy) and such a sweetie!
Spring 08
Riley with baby Elijah - ohhh how she loves him!
May '08
Riley with "baby" Lucas - Jul '08
Riley & Emily F
Walnut Festival '08
Hmm....can't find a picture of Emily Rose....
Riley & Charity
Walnut Festival '08
Charity & Riley (front row)
Olivia (second row with the BIG grin)
Walnut Festival '08
Riley & Ellie
Walnut Festival '08
Riley and Cousin Cayman
Sep '08


Leslie said...

Your girl is sooo popular!! Just wait until she's a teen!!!! LOL

She just looks like the happiest little girl in the world!!! Whats your secret! LOL

Love and hugs,Leslie

ClarkFamily said...

WOW- that is a lot of friends ... she is so cute and obviously just loves babies ... thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2too

Sarah said...

What special friends!!! Great pictures!

FRIGGA said...

She's very cute!! And my that's a lot of friends for such a young gal - great pictures!! :)

MICHELLE said...

They are so cute together,love all the pictures.

Robyn said...

How cute!! Looks like she has lots of special friends!!


Becca said...

I second what Leslie wrote - your social butterfly is going to bloom as a teenager! Friends are the greatest blessing...

Peace and Higs,