Friday, October 31, 2008

FFF - Fun with Uncle James

Our mission from Sarah this week was just to pick a favorite picture of the week.........we'll I couldn't pick just one, and these are in no way fantastic photos from a photography stand point but, they really did capture (for me at least) the fun that Riley had with her Uncle James on Wednesday night!! He was such a good sport and did this over and over and over with her!! I bet his arms were sore the next day :)

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Ruthie said...

Hi Rachel! Looks like Riley had a blast. I especially loved picture number two. Kids sure do know how to have fun don't they? :) Have a great weekend!


Leslie said...

Yea thats a AWESOME workout..i put Abby on my legs and bounce her!!!!

I wonder what we could do to work my tummy muscles!!! LOL

Have a fun and safe halloween,Leslie

Tracy'sspace said...

that sure looks like fun!

Sarah said...

What fun she had! Great job, Uncle James!

Kangamoo said...

My heart gets all soft remembering when my kids were young, and how good Uncle James was (although not too willing) with my kids as small babies. I think they scared him, but he held them and loved them any how. He wasn't too sure about the older ones either.

I am glad to see that Riley is helping him play.

Marianne said...

Love the photos where kids are just being kids and having so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekened