Friday, October 3, 2008

FFF - Summer Fun

Like so many of the other posters this week - it was hard to narrow down pictures. Summer is such a fun time of year and being outside so much leaves you with tons of pics to choose from!! Here are a few that I love - check out more posts over at Sarah's blog.
Fun at the zoo
First time fishing
Feeding the fish with Aunt Sarah
Fun weddings of friends
Swimming - all by herself - man she loves her life jacket!
Cousin love - and Riley's first 4th of July she actually participated in


threehandprints said...

cute pictures!!!

Tricia said...

Such great pictures!!

What a super summer full of memories!

Leslie said...

AHHHH does Riley ever frown? LOL


Debbie said...

Adorable pictures!! Love the freedom in the water with life jackets!!


Becca said...

Here is to a FANTASTIC FALL! It certainly looks like your Summer was a success!

Peace and Hugs,

Robyn said...

What great memories!!


Terri said...

I LOVE the first two pictures!