Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Week I Skipped Work :)

Let me start by saying I love my job, I really do, I even love (most) of the people I work with, and I definitely do not dread going to work everyday..........of course I'd rather be at home, but there's something about the electric company and the mortgage company.........they want the bills paid and that requires money. Anyway, I'm already way off track and I've just started this post, so I better get back to it!

Last week, Riley and I tagged along with Joey to a conference. I skipped work and we had three days of just playing while poor Daddy had to go to meetings and do work stuff stuff. It was a blast, we really had the best time! We wandered around the hotel, we ate at McDonald's and played in the Play Place, we did a little shopping, and just enjoyed each other's company - just what Mommy and Riley needed!

The trip didn't start out that great though, I'm not sure if my poor girl was car sick or if the bathroom we were in was really stinky (I can't smell, and it had a utility sink and old mops and cleaners and stuff and Riley did ask me with a wrinkled up nose what that smell was). Never before have a seen what happened though. She was sitting on the potty.......and she puked, right in her lap. Not a bit got in her hair, on her face or shirt, but yep, her undies and pants, definitely puke-ified. Glad we had a whole suitcase full of clothes in the car!

She was quite concerned after we'd been at the hotel for awhile though when she realized there was no tv..........She was sure "the workers weren't supposed to put it there" when she finally discovered it and was fairly certain that "they needed to go to time-out."

She also told me that:

  • Boys are made of dirt (amazing the tidbits they pick up on in Sunday School)
  • Not to smell her feet because they were stinky (she hadn't even taken her shoes off yet)
  • I sure do love you mommy....... and daddy too, and the kitty (melt my heart!)
  • You need to buy presents for my birthday, it's next (and didn't even fuss when we went in a toy store and came out completely empty handed)
  • You know that silly daddy, he's kinda crazy sometimes, we need to give him a whoopin'

PS - Joey won something, really, he thinks it was the first time ever in his whole life, he won an Ipod Shuffle by tossing a business card into a vendor's drawing - yeah Joey!

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