Thursday, October 16, 2008

Riley's REALLY big smile

This is Riley's REALLY BIG smile, I told her it looked a little scary to me, but "she's the boss," or so she claims, so I guess I'll take her word for it :)

Did I ever tell you guys that Riley announced this weekened "Daddy, did you know that I'm the boss?" Ha - I was in the kitchen and man was I glad because, I couldn't have kept a straight face.

I think we can all agree, if we have children, in some ways her statement was completely true. Once you have children, their needs are a top priority. We make sure that we eat and snack at normal times, we take more breaks, we make sure and get a nap in and are home at a resonable hour for bedtime - their routines in a way "boss" our lives. But, I couldn't believe that she said that (and was kind of curious where she had even heard the statement to tell you the truth). We did remind her that Daddy and Mommy were really the boss because she was always supposed to do what we said, and listen because we were just trying to help keep her safe.........and lots of other good stuff. But wow, I'm pretty sure I would have smirked if I had been in the room when she said it!


Gina said...

Evan likes to tell us he is the boss too. Acatually since Carter is still a baby (sort of) he is the boss. I hate when kids say things like that and you can't keep a straight face.

Kangamoo said...

Duh!! She is the boss. The smallest one in the house always is. You can also encourage her to be a strong woman (well girl really) and let her know she is the boss of her!! As she grows older, it is important to remember the same is still true.

BTW: Adorable adorable adorable

Leslie said...

HAAAA they all want to be the boss until its time to clean the house! LOL

I missed you and your pretty girl!!!!