Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bubble Baby

Ok, ok I know she's not really a baby anymore, and she reminds me of that every chance she gets (since her birthday is coming up in 'Nobember' and she'll be three, and "she's taller than me, but, Mama you're growing everyday"), but Bubble Baby sounded so much better than Bubble Girl which makes me think of that episode of Seinfeld where they go visit the boy in the know what I'm talking about right?

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Anyway, my girl is usually more of a shower girl, but she enjoys a good bubble bath on occasion. She decided that she'd "wash" her hair with the bubbles on Sunday night and I just had to chuckle, she was careful to get big arm-fuls of bubbles, plop them on her head and then scrub really good. Of course her mean Mama had to wash her hair for real before it was all said and done with even though she assured me on several occasions that she'd done a very good job herself.This guy, Neo our ginormous kitty, was very interested in the tub, I really thought he was going to dive right in. He perched on the potty and looked, he even went as far as to put two feet on the edge of the tub and look in. I'm not sure if it was the bubbles or maybe the scent of the bubbles, but something had his attention. He stayed right there the whole time she was in the tub!

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