Friday, July 11, 2008

FFF - Horray for the Red, White & Blue

Sarah's theme this week was all about the 4th of July and this year's celebration was by far the most fun for Riley! Huge Castle Bounce house, daddy in the dunk tank, water balloon fights toss game, yummy food, sno cones, friends, fireworks (which after every single one she said "that one was my favorite" - what's not to love?

Daddy giving a big grin in the dunk tank

Riley giving baby Lucas some love in the bounce house

Riley's favorite Steve

My dear friend Gina's little boy Evan - a little unsure of the loud fireworks
(but only for a minute because he settled right in!)

One of her favorite parts of the holiday was that she was able to do a few fireworks herself, since she's 2 1/2, and she was REALLY excited about picking out which ones we were going to buy (although I had to do a little convincing on the smoke bombs since she kept saying "I don't like smoke"). She loved the little snakes, just like I remember loving them - although I must say looking at them now they really do look kind of like a pile of big poo, and the parachutes and sparklers were a hit too.......somehow I'm thinking next year I won't get away with $5.92 at the fireworks stand, she's realized they really are pretty cool and only come around once a year.

The most fantastic part of the evening though was when Riley held her own sparkler (with mommy hovering very close because truth be told I was a little lot nervous about this!) When there was only one left, I asked her one last time if she wanted to do a sparkler and she said the cutest thing! "I think I'm scared of that" but she did it, she didn't even drop it and run away like I thought she would, she held it like a big girl, oh I'm so proud of her!


Kelly said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!! Looks like you guys had a great day!

Ellie said...

Love the pictures... Looks like you had lots of fun.

Hugs Ellie

Kelly said...

Good times!!!

Sarah said...

How fun!! I loved those snake fireworks too when I was a kid... Happy belated Fourth!

Leslie said...

Looks like you all had some fun!!!! Great pics!