Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We were outta town baby..............

Doesn't my girl look so big here..........man time is going to too quickly!

I was kind of on a blogger vacation last week - we were in Omaha and there was just simply not enough time to fit in blogging. Ok, so now you are thinking, loads of fun stuff in Omaha? I know it may not be at the top of any super cool places to go brochure, but man their zoo is AWESOME - it really is in the top 10 for the nation..........then of course there was a pool in our hotel and a Chuck E Cheese in town so yes, there was just far to many things to fit in.

Daddy being silly - his specialty

My hubby was pretty sceptical of taking Riley to the zoo - they just really aren't his thing - but since everyone kept telling him how awesome it was, I finally convinced guilted him in to taking Riley................fast forward 8 hrs...........my hubby was so excited about the zoo that they just had to take me after I got off work..........yes he wanted to go back, voluntarily, with no hinting at all from me (even though I was prepared to whine a bit if needed).

Riley watching "her" Polar Bear

Riley loved the Polar bears and he was pretty cool because he would swim right up to the glass and nose you........well really nose the glass, but you know what I mean. She also loved the Cheddar Chex Mix that her daddy bought her too :)

Daddy and Riley by the Sea Lions
(I love that she is saying cheese but totally not looking at the camera)

Daddy's favorite was the monkeys (because he is one haha). They were HUGE, like way bigger than a human being and quite entertaining. They would play fight with each other, bang on the glass, all kinds of fun things.........I really don't think I've ever seen monkeys quite that big though, if I met one in the jungle I would have definitely run away screaming!

Checking out the cuteness that is Riley (look it up - cuteness is a word hehe)


Sarah said...

I just love this! Man, it makes me wish I was around you guys. Joey seems exactly the same as when I knew him and I miss that. What a great friend. Riley is so funny.

So you like the zoo, huh? I'm running a marathon in San Antonio and we're going to go to the zoo there. I don't even have any kids but I love the zoo. :) Pretty sad, huh?

Have a good day!

Kangamoo said...

I laugh at the similarities of your husband and daughter and my family. First of all they are all monkeys (thus the love of Boots). and the taking a picutre and not looking at the camera is a trademark of one of my kids. Another one must twist her face into weird contortions for the camera. Somehow I think we are related.