Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One, Two, Ka-Pow

Watch out Olympic hopefuls because Riley Jean is a swimming machine (ha that rhymes). Riley has never been able to swim all by herself, even though she has wanted to, and she was incredibly excited at the fact that with her new life jacket (sporting Dora and Boots of course) that she could float, turn in a circle and swim with no help from mommy and daddy!

Doesn't she just look like a synchronized swimmer here

She LOVED that she could float "all by herself" - look no hands

One of her favorite things (well besides jumping off the side about a thousand times while saying one, two, ka-pow - and I'm not sure where three went or where she got ka-pow, but whatever I'm the mom so I think I'm not supposed to always get it) was rescuing her daddy. She would swim out (straight up and down in the water with her little feet running as fast as they would go) and haul him back to the stairs. It was precious, and while I didn't get a great video but at least it's recorded forever in history.


Heidi said...

She is so cute in her Dora jacket! Good for her!

Kangamoo said...

Of course she will learn how to swim. Otherwise how else will she be able to keep up with her cousin in Washington... 2A State Champ swimming breast stroke. Swim lessons start when they are young (and possibly in a suit) and they just keep on going.

Nice that she has good taste too. OF course her swimming cousin rather likes Boots better than Dora.

Suzie said...

too cute. My son uses a little floaty life vest too.

Anonymous said...

time to go to splash country inn
float on the lazy river