Monday, July 7, 2008

Riley Has Facial Hair

Ok - so she really doesn't have facial hair, but she sure loves to shave, or help daddy shave, or "shave" her own face by herself of course - she just thinks it's the best!!!

And she's pretty good at getting her jawline (just like daddy does)

And pretty good at her "mustache" too

And don't worry - her razor doesn't have a blade (duh) and the shaving cream is some fancy Mary Kay stuff that promises not to burn your face (and no it doesn't come in a pink bottle or smell fancy, my husband definitely wouldn't use it if that's the case - in fact it doesn't even say Mary Kay in big print, just MK so he can still feel all masculine)


Anonymous said...

Brought back memories of my little girls shaving with their dad
Love, Mom

Jenelle said...

Joey uses Mary Kay!!!!