Thursday, March 13, 2008

A "Waterfall"

We live on a lake and every so often (like hardly ever) they need to open the spillways to let water down the river if they aren't able to generate. It really is quite the site and it just so happens that we are lucky enough that they are doing it now. If you live by a real waterfall out West or something, this probably won't look like anything fancy, but for us Missourians it is pretty neat - here's a pic.

We took Riley to see this "waterfall" as she called it and she was super excited. She liked the white water, she liked the leaves swirling in the pool below, she liked getting to look over the fence.........and of course being outside in 70 degree weather was just a bonus. Here are a few pics of Riley enjoying her local "waterfall"

She just couldn't believe all that water........what a cutie!

Watching the leaf swirl with Papa

She couldn't look away even for a pic, but she smiled for the camera at least


Kangamoo said...

They were just saying that they were doing the same thing at the Glenn Canyon Dam and flooding the Grand Canyon. I love the rushing flow of water in any form.

Sarah said...

Too cute! She is so photogenic!