Monday, March 10, 2008

My first post

Wow - I wish I would have started this when Riley was born so I could chronicle her life (she's 2 1/3 now). But I didn't, obviously, So I'm wondering should I just begin now or should I try and go back a few weeks and write about some cool things that have happened, like going to her first circus. We'll see what strikes my fancy the next couple of days, but for now - here's a fun picture of my future rock star.

I'm loving the capris since there's ice on the ground outside and the light-up princess shoes that are two sizes too big. They really complete the cute rockstar look. Oh yes and the messy blankets under her bed - priceless :)

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Kangamoo said...


I should send you pictures of my kids in the snow, in bare feet, and sometimes pajamas... making snow angels. Long pants are optional. My 17 year old felt that swim flippers were appropriate snow shoes. No they don't outgrow the need to wear flip flops in any weather.