Monday, March 10, 2008

I must go back, Making a BIG GIRL BED is too important!

You should have seen Riley's face when I took the side off of her crib! Her first comment was "Mommy what did you do?" in an extremely overexaggerated way, because that is how most two year old's show their emotion, right? Well as soon as she realized that it was pretty cool not to be caged in, although I fell totally guilty admitting that, she was SOOO excited that she could get in and out of her bed all by herself.

Here's a sweet picture of her sleeping (wink wink)
which she does about 100 times a day now (but it is super cute you see!)

Even a week later she still takes me into her room at least twice a day and says "Ta-Da." Imagine how excited she'll be when we actually bring home her new twin-sized bed.......I can't wait!!!

I'm in a quandry though. The new bed (which we got an excellent deal on from some great friends) won't match her dresser, but we really don't have a use for her current dresser, so it seems very silly to buy a new one just so it matches. But should we go ahead and buy the matching one and store this one in the slightly full spare bedroom so they don't discontinue the one that does match? It would give her more room, although I would miss the shelves at the top of her dresser.

Here's her current dresser (pics old from our old house actually):
Do we store it or keep using it?

And here's the ones that would match her new bed - we would only get one:

What's your vote? Do we use the old dresser or store it? If we get a new one do we get the tall one or the wide many choices!


Sarah Glidwell said...

That's a tough call....I like the tall new dresser but don't get rid of the old one!

LOVE the new blog, can't wait to keep up with you guys. We really should get together soon.

Jenelle said...

Well, Rachel dear, you need to keep the old one for sure. I think I like the tall one best--to would take up less space.
It's really funny that you started a blog after we talked about it yesterday! You just had to beat me, didn't you! :) I still can't think of a name. Love ya!

Kangamoo said...

You should keep the old one and when her clothes no longer fit in it, worry about it then. I have been looking for a new dresser for 2 different kids, who have outgrown the ones they are now using. I am all in favor of funriture not matching, it add character to a room.