Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our BIG trip

You just never know how little ones will travel. Especially when you leave home at 4:30am, will be on two separate air planes on which she will be required to be in her own seat (which has never happened before) then you have to ride in a rental car for an hour to get to your hotel. Add to it that you are potty training and well that has the possibility of being a VERY stressful day!!

I'm happy to report that Riley was the best ever two year old in the above situation. Our trip started so very early in the morning so early that I was sure she would be sleeping before we even had Grandma Peggy picked up, to my surprise she was awake for about 30 min before snoozing.......but she did sleep the entire way to the airport though - WOW! I actually had to wake her up around 7 for breakfast before making it to the airport which is unheard of for my early bird.

She flew like a pro - sitting in her own seat and not even fussing. No potty accidents, although she is NOT a fan of the automatic flushing potties, they nearly scarred her for life. She now refers to them as the "Scary Potties!" **And yes the picture shows it, she did buckle her kitty John in for the ride too.

Here is a pic of my princess in her own seat - she was just SOOOO good I can't even tell you how proud I am/was of her!! Yeah Riley!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Kitty John got to be buckled in as well

Jenelle said...

Aww...she brought John with her? How sweet! Is this the same John named after my husband?

Anonymous said...

Evan calls auto flush toilets scary potties also. I can hardly get him to go to the bathroom in apublic restroom and if he absolutley has to he will ask if it will flush automatically and hardly get clost enough the the potty. Gina

Kangamoo said...

Travel is soooo much fun with kids. We use the extra seatbelts in the car to buckle all the extra friends that came along. They still do even though the youngest is 12.

One of your cousins had a special love for honey buckets. I am not sure why she loved using them. I know I hated standng outside them waiting for her. She will still see them and say, "Hey, does anyone need to go potty?" As for automatic flushies, they are scary. You stand up and your world is sucked away.

Congratulations on your new bed!! That is very exciting.