Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riley's real BIG GIRL BED

So after trying out the crib converted into a toddler bed for a few days we decided it was time to bring home the twin sized bed we had already purchased from some friends. I wasn't sure quite how her room would look or how much re-arranging would need to be done (not to mention how Riley would react as I tore her bed apart and stored it away in pieces) but man, it worked right in with no problems. And Riley......well she couldn't have cared less - she played and watched some of her movie, you'd think we move furniture thru the house everyday.

This pic is a little fuzzy, but this is what Riley looked like as she came in to her room. I think she was totally amazed at where her old bed was at and that she could probably jump on this new one since it looked like a real "big girl" bed!

Not a great pic - but she couldn't get her shoes off fast enough so she could go hop in

And yep - here is Riley jumping.......although she and daddy did figure out that they can't play quite like they do on Mommy and Daddy's bed or she bumps her head on the wall which isn't any fun.


Jenelle said...

What a big girl! I hope she doesn't hit her head too often.

Kangamoo said...

I remember one time when my Grandmother was watching us kids, and my sister and I were supposed to be taking a nap, but instead we were jumping on our beds. Way more fun than sleeping on them.

Watch out for that wall though, it could leave a mark.