Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Word-Filled & Wordless Wednesday

Ha - who knew that I could talk and not talk all in the same post.....ok not really Word-filled is really about spreading the Word of Jesus, not just my words which I seem to be pretty good at.

For my Word-filled picture, I feel kinda silly posting this one, but it really is the verse that just jumped out at me - to see more Wordfilled entries go here. As my first entry, and not having a really great program to add cool looking text to my photos - I'm trying :)

For my Wordless entry - all I have to say is this is my sister, and she's only see more Wordless Wednesday's go here or here

Maybe I should say she was in a play when this was taken - hehe

13 comments: said...

The pic of your sis made me gasp! The first photo just made me go "aww" :) Happy wordless wed!

Neen said...

Nice pics, I really liked the one of your sister, just think how you can embarrass her with it for years to come. LOL

melly said...

Your pics are great. Wonderful verse on Word Filled Wednesday!

The one of your sister made me smile.

Audra Marie said...

I loved the verse on the word-filled photo and WOW - it is so amazing what makeup and accessories can do to a person's looks! That's great. :)

Here are mine if you want to see:

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Oh, what an ugly sister ... LOL ... just kidding. ;-) She "looks really great." That is an amazing costume/disguise. If the rest of the production was as talented as the makeup artist and costume designer, then it must have been a fabulous play. I noticed that photo even before I read the post. Wondered if it was for Halloween, but would NEVER have guessed it was a woman.

Your child's picture and verse are nice too. Sometimes we all desire some candy or food of some sort. It's cute.

Anonymous said...

Your child's picture is really cute. You're quite creative to have thought of a Bible quote to go so well with it.

The picture of your sister is incredible. Made me LOL when I read that it was a woman. Even after knowing, I still can't tell.

Sample Page said...

That is a funny pic of your sis-hahaha!
Happy WW! Min is on:

Tracy said...

Great photos! The first one is perfect...chocolate is definitely a desire of my heart (far too frequently, I'm afraid!) And the picture of your sister...what a hoot! Thanks for sharing. These brought a smile. = )


Denise said...

Wonderful pictures.

Blessedw4mom said...

Both photos are great!
Love your blog, too!
Look forward to visiting again.

Anonymous said...

i love the WFW! that is too cute! and your sis! oh my! lol what a hoot!

God Bless!

Nancie said...

Lovely pictures and encouraging verse for WFW! Your sister's picture makes me smile :) Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

Sarah said...

Riley is so precious. The verse was a perfect choice!

Thanks for the Blogger info...I'm still experimenting. It's very different. :)

Have a great day!