Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday - doing something she loves!

This is my sweet Riley doing two somethings she, well kind of, and eating!!! My girl loves to help in the kitchen and is a pro at cracking eggs if anyone out there needs any help with making breakfast!

"Mommy I need that..............what is it?"

"I can do it"

Well of course when you find something new (and mommy say's it's safe) you have to sample, because really how else will you learn that brown sugar does taste yummy and vanilla extract does not?

It was so tasty she had to try "just one more time" before eating her real breakfast of eggs & toast.

Don't mind the wild hair - this is first thing in the morning and she is definitely not a wake up and go kinda girl when hair is concerned! You can check out more Favorite Foto Friday's here and thanks Sarah for putting this together, it's fun!


Sarah said...

Riley is adorable! LOVE the bed head... that is my favorite times on lazy mornings together!

ClarkFamily said...

I love your little Riley - not to mention the reaction on her face in each picture is too cute ... she looks like a ball of giggles ... and LOVE the bed head ... what a wonderful little helper/taste tester you have!

Have a great weekend!

Rebekah and Jaden

Tricia said...

GREAT pictures!!


♥ Tricia ♥


Kim & Dave said...

Too cute!!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Love the wild hair. Bed heads are adorable!

Mindy said...

Hi!!! Thanks for welcoming me to FFF! I loved looking at your site...especially RILEY! She is beautiful!!!

Becca said...

I love Riley's hair - it is pefect in the morning! And despite your husband being a Duke fan, I will continue to visit your blog - LOL! I am a UK fan! Your family is truly blessed.

Peace and Hugs,

Young Creations said...

Watch out she comes. The pictures are adorable. Have a great weekend.
Stop by and say hi.

Simply Stork said...

ahhhh nothing like practicing on things that wont get messy :o)

cute pics

(thanks for stopping in for a visit)