Friday, May 23, 2008

Daddy's Coming Home Today!

Joey had to go to training this week and left Wednesday morning (which I know was only two days ago), but Riley and I are excited because he's coming home TODAY!!! Like driving back right now and will be home in only 1 hour (or so). We have had a couple of pretty busy days so thankfully we haven't been sitting at home crying for hours on end, but it will definitely be nice to have him back and we've missed him!!!

Riley was pretty cute as he packed on Tuesday night, I'm not sure if she was trying to sneak away with him or if she was just hiding really good - either way it made for some cute pics!

Can you tell Daddy had some sun? Silly boy forget to where sunscreen.

While daddy was gone though, Riley did get to hold her first baby completely unassisted (well in human form, the pillow was of course very strategically placed). Baby Elijah sure is a sweetie and Riley was cute with him. Every time he fussed or made a noise, even if she was in another room you heard "It's ok baby Lijah (not sure where the E goes), I'm coming" and in she would come ready to help with his binkie or rubbing his foot. What a good mama she'll be someday!

Elijah's daddy did help get him settled, but I LOVED her expression here - she was so excited!

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Sarah said...

ohhhhh, love the photos of Riley and Joey. It looks like she's trying to stow away. Also, Riley seems like my kinda girl with cake and icing. You know, I have my own theory about cake. I'll have to tell you sometime, it's become quite famous around these parts. I drove through Stockton yesterday on my way home to my folks and I thought about you guys. Some people I really miss from home.

Have a great day!