Monday, May 26, 2008

PB Bird Feeders

Riley loves to make stuff - anything really. I remember a book we had when I was little that was called something like "Recyled Treasures" or "Treasures from Trash" or something like one of those and it gave you ideas for egg cartons and old milk jugs and all these "great" things you could make. Now they weren't really treasures to any adult, but I do remember them being really fun to make............and that's what Riley thinks about pinecones, pb, and birdseed.

I was SOOO excited to catch some great pics of the process so here a mom you don't think about things like what is in this birdseed and will it hurt my 2 1/2 year old if she eats it..........because if you did you would never make any crafts.

First - smear some PB on the pinecones, but be careful because they are "kinda pokey"

Next, you take a spoonful of PB for yourself, because pb is pretty good stuff!

Your mouth will be pretty full for a minute, because PB is kinda sticky stuff, especially if you didn't bring a drink outside.

Then you sprinkle on some birdseed, because that is really what the birds are after - not the pinecones or the PB.

Then you say "CHEESE" for your mama who tries really hard not to look at the birdseed mixed in with the peanut butter that is stuck on your face..........cause well I'm not sure what in birdseed, but when doing crafts you don't look at things like this as a mom.

Then you pose for a pic with your grandma - Grandma 'Lene (Arlene) was nice enough to let us invade her home without calling first and stopped working on her walkway just to help us out with these lovely birdfeeders...........and we made like 15 so we had lots of them to go around!!!

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