Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Measuring Things!

Sometimes I like to just sit back and let Riley do things that never-in-a-million-years would I really want her doing. Not like dangerous things that could seriously hurt her, more like when I want to take a peek at how that little brain of hers works and just what exactly she's going to do.

Welcome exhibit A - note not really my house, an image I borrowed from Google

So we got a pack of toilet paper the other day (along with about 8 other bags of groceries it seems) and while I was putting things away I notice Riley pulls it off the counter and on to the floor. Which I was really pretty proud of since she's just over three feet tall and managed not to bash herself in the head in the process.

She goes on playing. After awhile I see her tear into the package and take out one roll. Hmm.....this is where I start watching because I know she's up to something, just not sure what.

Enter Exhibit B - and yep that's my toe that I didn't take the time to edit out of the bottom - sorry, at least its almost freshly painted :)

So at this point I'm intrigued and I ask "Whatcha doing" which is a line she loves from some show on the Disney Channel or Nick (I think it's called Phineas and Pherb if I remember right) adn she says she's "Measuring things" which she really loves to do - mini measuring tapes are a favorite toy of hers!!!

And I watch a little closer and sure enough she is measuring things, I'm just not sure what these things are because I think she's imagining them. You can see where she has the one side all straight and the mess on the side is where she's already used it to measure stuff.

Priceless fun (well really cheap fun) that kept Riley entertained for like 30 minutes - oh I love the sneak peaks we get into how are kids brains work!

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Anonymous said...

Who would have thought before kids you would have let your daughter do that