Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Preschool Graduation to Cayman

Our nephew, Cayman, graduated from preschool last week. The kids were cute, showing off all the songs they learned throughout the year and really put on a good show. I love how their personalities come out in things like this - I could already pick out the Class Clown, Miss Shy, and Mr. Cool Dude and they aren't even in Kindergarten yet.

Here's a pic of the proud graduate

Riley wasn't super excited about the graduation itself and was kind of confused why they weren't singing the right words to the songs (Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortening was really a song about opposites and Riley thought that was crazy). She was way more excited about going to Cousin Cayman's house and eating cake. She wasn't quite sure why their weren't any candles though, so do you know what her nice Aunt Angie did........brought out the candles and of course they had to light them twice so Cayman and Riley each had a turn blowing them out.

Riley sure was proud of her cousin and excited to get to him once the ceremony was over!

**And do you know what - even though Riley didn't get a graduation certificate like Cayman, you couldn't fool her into thinking she wasn't old enough for preschool yet........wait for it..........because "I'm big enough, I'm 2 1/2"


Jenelle said...

Your girl is so grown up. :) Cute pictures. Why does Joey put hand cuffs on Miss Riley??!! He's such a trouble-maker. ;) What are you all doing this weekend? We miss you bunches too. If your not too busy or if your headed this way we could go out to eat, go for a picnic in the park, or grill at our house..something!

Kangamoo said...

Seeing that picture I wonder if class clown, most outgoing and most photogenic are all wrapped up in the same boy. I can't believe he is going into Kindergarten already. Seemed like just last summer we were holding him as a little baby. They grow up too fast.