Friday, May 22, 2009

The big SHOES dilemma - Three strikes and you're out Mama

My mom and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago to get fabric to make baby bedding for Miss Taylor Rose (have I shared with you guys that I think that's her name - but that we're kinda weird and can't make it totally official until she gets here, because well she might not look like a Taylor when we see her, but that's the plan anyway). So while we were out I was excited because I also found 3 pairs of shoes for Riley. I know it seems a little extreme, but well her tennis shoes were too small, so she obviously needed those, flip flops are extremely hard for us to find for some reason this year, seriously we've bought 3-4 pair and none of them are all that great, sigh, and then a pair of rubber boots for working on the farm.

I was excited - I knew my shoe loving 3 year old would be so excited when I showed her all the goodies I came home with and then well I struck out majorly. I pulled out the boots and got "Mom, I wanted pink ones" then the tennis shoes "those are just like the ones I already have" and finally the flip flops which she really liked but after trying them on said they weren't comfortable so we'll be taking them back, sigh, I tried.

She has since learned to love the black rubber boots in true country girl fashion and well we can't hardly get her to take them off at times it seems - maybe mommy did ok after all!

She likes to wear them to throw rocks in the lake with daddy because if you wear flip flops - this happens.
I'm pretty sure she was wanting to tell a story of some kind, this girl always has a story to tell :)

Someday we will own one of these - maybe not this big, but someday. I think it's funny that even Riley would love to have a sailboat, but has never been on one.

I wish I had some shots of her in her boots working in the garden at Papa Dub's - because you see she's usually in a Tutu or some other dress up outfit while she's doing it. Someday, I'll have to take some pics because it is absolutely adorable to see her watering or digging in the dirt with a pink fufu dress and black boots up to her knees!


Leslie said...

OMG mom come on..YOU KNOW how those shoes u picked our ARENT COOL!!! and she's only 3...LOL

I LOVE those boots on her!!!!!

Taylor is a pretty name..Im like you i ALWAYS had to look at my babies first then decide what they looked like...Each kid i changed my mind at birth..LOL


Jenelle said...

Love the boots! Riley's right though--pinke would be way better!

I think it's funny that I grew up by the lake and have never been sailing! When you guys buy your boat, you'll have to take me. :)

Kangamoo said...

You need to come to the beach house with us one year and I will take you sailing. It is tons of fun. We will be there the beginning of August this year so it is probably bad timing with your imminent arrival, but maybe next year you can bring both girls.

Sarah said...

These pictures just make me wish I was a little girl again. It looks like Riley is having so much fun and the black boots provided plently of enjoyment.

Alysa said...

Love the boots - even in black!

Taylor Rose is a beautiful name. I have always loved it and thought that I would name my little one Taylor someday, but Taylor Traylor would just be cruel so back to the drawing board... :)