Friday, May 8, 2009

A Very Sad Day

So - maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but really, the morning started off completely crazy!!! Between 7am and I'm gonna guess 9am it rained between three and a half and four inches - and most of the rain, I promise, came down sideways. I wasn't really worried about a tornado, but the thought of a hurricane in our area did cross my mind. The area creeks and rivers were the highest I think I've ever seen them. The huge, ginormous, flag pole in front of my office, wasn't just leaning back and forth it was doing the worm - seriously it was bending in more than one direction at a time, craziness!!!

But we're safe, and that's what matters, and if you ask Joey all the leaves that were in our ditch are cleaned out now so that's a huge benefit.

But the biggest casualty for our house is..............
the trampoline
Yeah I don't think that's probably fixable, or if we could get it bent back that anyone bigger than Riley should ever jump on it again because I don't think it'd be very strong. Riley's handling the loss pretty well, but I'm not sure she really understands that we'll have to you know get rid of it forever at this point.............sigh, seems like we just bought that a year ago (wait it wasn't even a year ago it was June of '08 when it finally arrived). It was fun, and worth every penny, I just wish it would have lasted longer!!!

We're hoping that the swingset will be fine once we can get it upright and back in her playground again. It looks like the board the slide was attached to popped loose, so hopefully that means we'll just have to nail it back in and it will be fine too.
Wow - what a morning - and now it's calm as can be with a bright blue sunny sky - go figure!


Sarah said...

Just glad you three are safe. It was very UN-safe out there this morning.


Leslie said...

OMG im glad you are safe!!!!!! THings can be replaced!

we are getting those crazy storms tomorrow with high winds just in time for abbys birthday tea party! OH NO!

Happy Mothers day!

Kangamoo said...

Amazing the damage a little water and wind can do. Happiness is your entire family is safe and well. Does this mean she can jump on the couch now?

Jenelle said...

I know you told me your yard got attacked by the wind, but WHOA! Riley's poor swingset! I hope it's all back together. That was some crazy wind.

I'm sorry I haven't read your blog in so long. I still love you! I just gave up trying to keep up with everything until....NOW!!! I don't have ANY papers to grade! Yes!

I'm glad you guys were able to get a new trampoline for Riley already. She would have been way sad. Love you!