Monday, May 11, 2009

Preggo belly shot

I can't believe I'm really posting this, because it's totally not that flattering, but it's the only side view shot I have - so to everyone out there, yep, I'm showing (a lot). I still think it's funny though how varied the responses will be - one person will say "Wow" when they here I'm not due until August and then the next person will say "Well look at that tiny belly" - huh, either way, I'm feeling bigger every day and am fairly certain this kiddo (who might be named Taylor Rose) will definitely not be much behind her older sister who weighed in at 9 lbs 1.5 oz at birth!


Leslie said...

OMG a 9# baby ohhhh i could never have done that!! The 2nd one is usually bigger!! LOL

You look cute to me!


Staci said...

You look adorable! It's amazing the different responses you get day to day, isn't it? Taylor is such a cute name!

Kangamoo said...

You look beautiful and wonderful. You are brave to even have a sideways picture of you pregnant. I always avoided them.

Nice to have pictures of all of you. I really enjoy being able to peek into your lives and get an idea of what the family in MO is up to.