Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preggo Lady wins 5k

Did I tell you guys that I ran (haha - ok I walked most of it) a 5k a couple of weekends ago? Seriously, it was to raise money for my dear friend Gina's little boy Carter's Relay for Life Team - if you haven't read her story, God is good that's all I can say!
Gina and her sweetie Carter (yep from a big tumor in his chest to cancer free in two weeks Praise the Lord!)
Mike and the boys running (how cute!)

Carter finishing strong :)

So my goal was an hour - and I know that's a terrible goal, because really a 5k is only 3.2 miles, but for my 6 month prego belly, I thought that was a good goal. Then we had a big hill though and I was a bit nervous about the whole finishing in less than an hour thing, but we were doing good. Our other goal - was just not to be last...........yeah Jenelle and I are competitive and since she was nice enough to walk with me, I sure didn't want to make her last in the whole race because she could have totally walked faster than me and maybe even run the thing (thanks for not doing that though!!)
So then the finish line was approaching, and well that whole competitive thing really kicked in and I decided that I wanted to I took off running.
And since my hubby is so sweet and he knew that Jenelle could have totally out-run me at this point.............
well.....he tackled her, not like to the ground or anything, just enough so that I could be the winner.

Because he's all sweet and loves me and stuff.

Our girl finished strong too - I think she won the 3 year old division of the 5k.
If you look close you can totally see the disdain Jenelle is feeling at the moment - that competitive girl didn't like being beat.
And she showed Joey, because well she totally beat him across the finish line :)
And John and Colter finished up the race for us - but they weren't last either, there was still another group behind us.
Go Rachel for finishing a 5k in 52:10 at 6 months pregnant - YES!


Leslie said...

awww you are awesome friend!!!! go RACHEL GO!

Sarah said...

Love this post!!! Congrats on the 5K accomplishment no matter how you crossed the finish line!!

Jenelle said...

I was feeling some disdain. Grr....JOEY!!!! Lol Aren't those pictures awesome? I love how Mike caught the whole thing.

Amanda said...

I just love this post. Way to go, girl! And what a sweet hubby you have to hold Jenelle back so you could win. ;) Oh and you look GREAT... small if you ask me!!!