Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bowling is AWESOME

It's hard to believe that we had never taken Riley bowling - I'm not sure why - and I guess technically she had been bowling, just never gotten to do the whole bowling thing herself (she was around 18 months the only other time we went - and pretty much just played and ate apple dippers from McD's the whole time) Not only that - we have a bowling alley right here in our town and it's super cheap - like .99 a game, seriously.

Riley had to have a pink sparkly ball - and I was super excited they had shoes small enough for her - which she loved because she could slide around!!
The bumper lanes were taken so we gave it a go on the regular lane the first time.............
and then decided maybe the ramp was the way to go. Not only did she get a gutter ball the first time, but it took about 2 minutes for the ball to make it down to the end, seriously.

Riley thought the ramp was pretty cool, but she was very particular about getting to aim it herself - and if Daddy tried to move it, well she reminded him that it was her turn and she could handle the aiming of the ramp all by herself.
We bowled a couple of games - ate some pizza - had some fun with friends - and mommy, yeah the lady who is pretty much 6 months preggo - she won - by a lot, check it out!!!! (R=Riley, D=Daddy, M=Mommy, G=Gabe, S=Sarah, H=Hannah). Also, notice that daddy only beat his 3 year old by 8 points - your welcome for pointing that out dear :)


Leslie said...

OHHHH how fun!!! I have never taken my kids bowling so dont feel bad!!! LOL

Riley is good!

Amanda said...

Oh she is SO cute! My kids love to go bowling too.

custom bowling ball said...

your daughter really has fun doing it

Kangamoo said...

Note to Self: When in MO go bowling with Joey. He might make me look good.

When I was pregnant, I would either bowl really well or worse than Riley. I blamed the baby.