Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Incredible Pizza - just can't beat Chuck E Cheese

Riley is a HUGE fan of Chuck E Cheese, she loves the mouse (he sometimes gives her tickets) she loves the games and she loves, loves, loves that she gets to pick out prizes before we go home. Now the food is not fantastic by any means, but you know it's dinner and entertainment all in one so what can you really expect right..............well Incredible Pizza is yummy we have decided. Any kind of food you want plus some super yummy desserts too (the cinnamon rolls - ooohhhh very good).

We had never been until a couple of weeks ago and while Riley was perfectly fine in the bounce house for awhile (yeah totally free) she did get into some of the games the longer we were there. I think she didn't like that it was kinda dark and more like the atmosphere of an arcade. She did have a good time though and won some "great" prizes just like at Chuck E Cheese before the day was over.
Minature bowline was pretty fun - but since you really do 10 frames she lost interest after about 4 and Mommy and Daddy had to finish up for her.

The weird thing was not all the games were the same price, odd, and some of them took token instead of the card thing we got at the front, a pain, but the did have things like go karts, and bumper cars - how cool is that?
Riley was fairly uncertain about the whole Go Kart thing - in fact I wasn't sure if she might cry before they started..........
but she had a good time - and they didn't come in last place, woohoo.


Leslie said...

shhhh dont tell abby about this place!! i used to take my older kids as tots..i hate IT! lol

CUTe pics!

Kangamoo said...

Wow that is like a supecenter Chuckie Cheese. or CEC for the older kids (like your husband).

Jenelle said...

We still need to make a Chuck E Cheese date someday! :)