Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wow - where has the time gone?

So I knew it had been ages since I posted, but I never would have guessed that not since May 22nd, my goodness where did the time go? Thankfully blogger is really smart and when I get a few spare minutes, I'll be able to go back and post all the fun things we've done this summer with the awesome feature of adjusting the posting date (thank you blogger!) so it will look like I really have been on top of things as opposed to well not posting for 2 1/2 months.

I have an excuse though - you see, we're having a baby, and we have a toddler at home, and well life just got busy and I forgot sometimes (I just downloaded the pics from my camera and yeah there were 521, did you read that 5-2-1 pictures, I never do that, I'm always right on top of downloading my pics so that tells you how busy we've been!).

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post - I wanted to tell everyone that we are having a baby on FRIDAY - like 2 days from now we'll be holding our sweet Taylor Rose and I'm so excited. I guess technically she still has a little while to decide to come on her own, but otherwise they'll induce on Friday and we are just overjoyed to know that we'll be holding her in our arms so very soon - ahhh :)

And someday soon, I promise, I'll go back in time and write some posts for the rest of the summer - like about Riley taking swimming lessons, and jumping off the diving board for the first time, and going to Omaha, and Branson, and going down a big water slide and not being too freaked out when the water splashed her in the face, and about well all the 100's of other fun things that I've been too lazy busy to tell you guys about and document for Riley to look back on someday.


Leslie said...

OMG where have you gone? LOL
I miss you and your big girl and CANT WAIT till Friday......Dont make us wait months and months for a pic of the new baby or i will have to fly out to you and steal your computer and camera! lol

Praying for a safe and painless (HA HA HA) delivery!


Jenelle said...

You pulled a Jenelle! Welcome to the cheater club. :) I love being able to back date the posts. No one will ever know. :)

Can't wait to meet Taylor tomorrow! I hope you're sleeping well!