Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah

It's kinda sad when your sister happens to live like 30 hours away, especially if something exciting, like a new baby, is coming because that means she can't really be here in a flash. So my sis planned her trip back to MO for 2 weeks after my due date just to be on the safe side, which was great, except for they induced a week before my due date which meant that Taylor Rose (and Riley too - because we were seriously counting down for over a month) was anxiously awaiting Aunt Sarah's visit for 3 whole weeks before you got to meet her for the first time.
But guess what - she's here now, and she's moving way way way closer to home in only 2 weeks, and we can drive an hour to see her way easier than we can drive 30! Seattle, we know you'll miss Sarah Rose, but we're glad she moving back to MO!!
Taylor, this is Aunt Sarah, she loves you a whole lot!!

Aunt Sarah - you're here, you're really here!

Yeah - they are silly - totally silly, especially when they haven't seen each other in several months!

Getting some big snuggles from Taylor

And when Aunt Sarah comes, Andy usually comes to (Aunt Sarah's boyfriend) -and Riley happens to adore him!!

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