Monday, August 10, 2009

Taylor's First Bath

Happy Birthday, to me, Happy Birthday, to me, Happy Birthday, dear mommy of two (that still sounds weird), Happy Birthday to me.

So in honor of my birthday, we celebrated Taylor her first bath, we can say she was less than thrilled about it, but well she got clean, although she did poop on her little bath sling before we ever got started, at least it was before we got her all cleaned and smelling fresh though or we would have had to start over.
Yeah - she wasn't happy at all, look how red she is and we've barely started.
While she learned to love this later, she hated the whole washing her head thing the first time!

Yep, even after she was done and snuggled up, it took a minute for her to get all happy again - why can't the firsts baths be something that kids really now, I can hardly get Riley out of the tub, I'm pretty sure she'd stay in there most of the day if you let her eat snacks while she was in there!

PS - Thanks to my parents and Joey's parents for dinner tonight, it was yummy and nice not to go anywhere and still get to celebrate :)

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