Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's A Tradition

Every since I can remember, we have gone to the Lamar Fair, it's where my mom grew up, most of her side of the family still lives there - and it's the largest free fair in Missouri so what's not to love. Now as I got older, I have to say I've missed a few years here and there as there were schedule conflicts sometimes, but I really want my kiddos (kinda weird to have that plural - I'm still getting used to that) to grow up with it too. There are rides, animals, food, games and all kinds of good stuff - and Great Grandma Mary Ruth always gives the little ones money for an arm band so we'd hate to disappoint her and not let them use it (she is really the best grandma ever - she even gave Taylor money for an arm band and she was only 2 weeks old - not that she has to give us money to be the best, that's not what I meant at all)

It was a little extra special this year because it was Daddy & Taylor's first year, I'm not sure how Joey has never been before, but I guess he's been on call or working or something when we've gone so it was fun for him too - here are some highlights.
Snow Cones - and Riley had to have her very own even though she took all of three bites and was finished - I'm pretty sure her and Joey could have shared, but I'm kind of a party pooper like that.
Have you ever seen snow cones where you get to put the flavors on yourself - it was pretty cool and you could get as much flavoring as you like and mix-and-match to your hearts content. Of course my two were boring and each only got one flavor - blue for Joey and red for Riley
Then Riley really "needed" some cotton candy - needed it real bad and her daddy is a softie so of course she got it ;) I won't tell you not 20 minutes later she "needed" a carmel apple and got that too - she did eat nearly all of it though.
The carousel is always a hit - although I was surprised they made Aunt Sarah stand beside Riley, and she's 3 1/2 but safety first is a great motto!
Then they rode some dizzy dinosaur thing and Riley wasn't quite so enthusiastic - she didn't necessarily want to share the dino with anyone else and she had to - she was scared they'd spin to much - but they were the awesomest girls ever and totally let Riley decide how fast or slow they should spin - I love sweet, good mannered, strangers!
Can you tell Riley is wearing down?
The cars/trucks were fun, last year she wouldn't ride them by herself, this year she rode like a pro!
And last but not least, this is a lousy picture I know, but they had this Rocking Tugboat or something like that that spun in circles and went up and down like you were riding in rough water or something - and I was sure Riley would hate it! In fact she only got on because Aunt Sarah was, and her cousin Kase, but wow - she loved it and I'm pretty sure she rode it nearly 10 times in a row. This was her way of letting us know she liked it and was going again (and again).
Taylor's first fair was rather unevenful - that's a good thing when you are two weeks old!! The biggest thing for her was she pooped on her original outfit and got a new one just before we got there - didn't Daddy do a good job picking out a new outfit!!

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