Monday, March 30, 2009

When I grow up..........I'm gonna be a gymnast, no a dancer, no a doctor.....hmmm

I don't know about life at other people's houses - but at our house it seems swimsuits and picture taking opps are an every day occurance. Rain or shine - warm or cold - Riley is going to end up in a sleeveless dress a leotard or a swimsuit sometimes even complemented with snowboots.
Here are some shots the other day - she was of course dancing..........or maybe she was a ballerina - but really she was probably both.
One of her "tricks" as she likes to call them, standing on one foot (and check out the farmers tan from Disney we'll definitely have to work on her t-shirt and short line come summer - ok totally kidding on that because she's well 3 years old).

Now I actually think she's a tiger ready to pounce on whatever I was making for dinner - it must have been good :)
Ta-da - man she's good and to think she's had no professional training because of course she's not old enough for our local gymnastics class yet :(
And a big roll to finish it off - have a great day everyone!


Sarah said...

She is such a ham! I wonder where she gets it from...

Leslie said...

yeah she is ready for some serious lessons!!!!!!! She is too cute!


Kangamoo said...

You never know, but if she is like my November 2nd, definitely DANCER.
Keep all the doors open for opportunity and she will go through them, or maybe many of them.

She is more like my April 30th child who is known for being outside in the snow barefooted, or with her swim fins on. & the fewer clothes the better.

Leslie said...

i have a award for you come to my blog!