Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disney's Blizzard Beach

So with our Disney tickets we got "one day of fun" and decided to use it at one of the water parks, Blizzard Beach. We thought we'd spend an hour or so there and Riley would be done, because while she LOVES water and swimming, she hates to get it in her face. We were totally blown away by how much she loved that place - we spent probably 3 hrs there and could have easily spent at entire day and no one would have ever gotten bored.
This sign did seriously disturb us - do they really need to tell people if they have diarrhea not to go to a water park?
We stayed in the kiddie area, Tikes Peak, pretty much the whole time. Riley absolutely loved everything about it!

I never could get her looking at the camera when she was coming down a slide, too worried about the whole water in her face thing - she never fussed though if it did get in her face which is definitely a first.

Riley and daddy cooling off in the water fall - who knew it would be so hot in the beginning of March.


Jenelle said...

Looks like fun! Although, I the sign is totally disturbing. EWWW!

Leslie said...

Sadly some people do need signs to tell them that! yuck!

Love the water pics...Riley is a fish!

Sarah said...

Seriously? Do people in FL swim when they have the runs? Wowza. Should I rethink our future trip? LOL. :)

Does Riley swim in the bathtub?

Kangamoo said...

Nice to see Riley has her pose going on, it seems that Joey is just washing his backside. You need to teach him to do the beauty queen pose, like his daughter.