Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A few Disney pics

These are pics the nice people at Disney took for us - really gets me wanting to download ours tonight, hopefully I'll have time after church!!!
One of the brief moments we made Riley wear her sling - in front of Epcot before our breakfast with Mickey and Minnie and Donald and Goofy (and the dreaded Pluto that we won't mention) the day after we got to Disney World.

The whole fam at Magic Kingdom in front of the castle.

and again in front of the castle.

In front of the castle again - but if you look close, Riley is holding Tinkerbell this time
Smooches for Riley at the front of the Magic Kingdom near the rail road.

She loved Daisy!!!

The little effects they would do were kinda neat - I can't wait for Riley to see this one since she wasn't sure which animal baby she would be holding!

Awe Belle, Riley's favorite princess on this trip, and her favorite show while we were there too!

In front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom - and boy do we look like we've had a day of it (which we had since this was just before dark!). You can't see the baby bump very good here but let me assure you it's definitely there (in fact I think I had about 20 people ask if I was having twins on the trip and I wasn't always sure how to respond - I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow though!!)


Leslie said...

Love the Disney pics....sooooooooo pretty and you guys are just a cute family!!!

OMG the nerve of people to ask if you are having twins!!! WHATEVER!!! RUDE! Ok now if your really having twins then NOT that rude!!!LOL

Kangamoo said...

I didn't even notice until you said something. You are looking great.

I see she broke her other arm than mine did. The sling is more in the way than anything. Our doctor reassured us that as a small child, she would protect it until it felt okay enough to move it. No need for the sling. Now I have to go dig up those pics of her jumping into the foam pit with her sling on so I can share them with you.

Looks like you had a great time and good weather.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Those pics are amazing! I heart the first picture of you all and the picture of Riley with Belle. So precious.

I can't believe someone said that to you! I was just thinking to myself that you hardly had a baby bump at all and I was hoping so!

I can't wait to see "your" pictures from your camera. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Awesome pics! We went to Disney about this time last year and it was so amazing. I think I loved it even more than the kids. :) It looks like you guys had a great time.

And twins??? I don't think so...I could hardly tell from the pics that you are showing at all. :) You look great!