Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Sad :(

You know how as parents, sometimes you let your kids do things you know they shouldn't, but you put "rules" or "restrictions" so maybe it seems more ok? Like jumping on the bed, I know that it's silly that we let Riley do this - but she knows she can't jump on her bed (a twin size) and she knows she can't do it unless we are in the room with her (because that makes it better right?).........Well last night she was jumping on the bed and the phone rang, no biggie, happens all the time, so I turn to hang up the phone just as she starts spinning while jumping and well, then there was a thud and crying...........and I feel like a bad mom.

At first, she didn't move her arm much at all, kinda like she was trying, but it didn't work and I was worried, I was sure that something was broken, and she was crying, and she wanted her daddy who was playing b-ball, and well I did too. Long story short, within a few minutes, she could move her arm, it didn't swell or get any weird bruises, she'll wiggle her fingers, she'll bend her arm, she'll twist her arm, she'll squeeze your hand and while it's not as hard as her "good arm" she'll still do it. She'll let you push around on her arm without any fussing really. But, she doens't really want to put a lot of weight on it, like you know pushing herself up, or carrying something kinda heavy, but I think she's ok.

A part of me wanted to be irrational and rush her to the ER for x-rays. Even though it was 8 o'clock at night and the ER is 30 minutes away and I was pretty sure she was ok. A part of me still wanted to be a little irrational this morning and call the dr's office first thing this morning and get x-rays there, even though she slept fine and will use her arm just fine this morning - but favors it just slightly. A part of me really wishes it was me who fell off the bed and hurt my arm - even though I'm way to big to jump on the bed, but you know what I mean, as a parent you just want to take away the owies!!

This is probably the first time Riley has had a real booboo beyond a skinned knee or a bruise, I was really hoping we could make it to like 16 or something, you know, guess not. Hopefully my girl will feel better and better as the day goes on and by tomorrow or the next day she'll be all better.

And guess what - we're probably going to be "officially too big to jump on the bed anymore" at our house. Not only because of the booboo, but because I realize it was kinda silly that we've let her do it this long - even if we did have "rules" that made it safer and all.


Leslie said...

I hate to say this BUT its 100% impossible to keep them major boo boo free till 18 But im doing a ok job ...IM happy to say I have one out of my 4 kids get a broken ankle and THAT WAS as his bball game!!! LOL DARN IT!!!

Praying your girl is ok and NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED! LOL


Kangamoo said...

It has something to do with the birthday she has. My daughter, same birthday, did the same thing, only she was told not to jump on the bed, right before her 4th birthday. It is not the fall that will hurt you, it is the sudden stop at the end. She hit my dresser as she fell off the bed and long story short she did break her humorous up by the shoulder. She has also now made it to 16, so there is still hope for your little one.

The odd part about her broken arm (by the shoulder) is that she said her wrist hurt, but I couldn't get her to put her arm up over her head like to get her dressed. Kids will self-protect what hurts.

My little one at the time, did just fine going in and getting the X-rays since I was in the waiting room trying to gather her younger brother so I could follow. She just marched right down the hall.

Remember I said it was just before her 4th birthday? Yeah, well what do you do for a birthday party for a 4 year old with a broken arm? You just do what was planned and go play at the local Gymnastics place, jumping in the foam pit, swinging on the rope swing....

I hope all is well with Riley. I am sure you will still have a great trip even if it is broken. I will be praying for all of you.