Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're Home

We're Back - but man was it hard to come home. We left the "happiest place on earth" where the weather was warm, we had no set schedule to attend to and well we got to spend 24/7 as a family, which was awesome. It is nice to be back, really it is, but I'm thinking a few more days in Disney World would have been ok too.
Our trip was awesome, aside from a couple of skinned knees, we are happy to report we had no other injuries while we were gone and I'm also fairly certain that Riley's arm is completely healed. We will still have to follow up with her pediatrician in another week or so to do some more x-rays to confirm everything is all healed up - but as a Mama, you can just tell, and my girl is A-Ok!!!
We were at Disney for 7 days, and I'm fairly certain we didn't even see half of it - we definitely hit the highlights, but there is just soooo much to do and see that I think you could be there a month and not see it all! Riley loved pretty much everything about it - the rides, the people, the stores that had lots and lots of dress-up clothes and "stuff" to buy, the crazy hats, the shows (well all but the 3D Honey I Shrunk the Kids one which we left early), the pool, and the list could go on and on - she just loved being in Disney - oh yeah, she also didn't like Pluto, at all, seriously crying, fussing, trying to leave restaurants, it was crazy but that's really the last thing that she didn't like.
There are so many stories to tell - so many pictures to share (400-ish I think, none of which are downloaded yet), so today will just be a teaser - here are the funniest things that I remember Riley saying while we were there!!
1. After picking up our rental car - "Why do we have to borrow a car - could they not fit ours on the airplane?" (yes we ended up with a van, which was actually pretty awesome since we had loads of room and only paid for an economy sized car!)
2. Riley, you have some chicken crumbs on your shirt.........."Don't worry they have a bathtub here somewhere."

3. After pulling in to Disney World but still driving around "When are we going to be in Disney Worrrrrlllllldddddd?" - the whole waiting thing was very difficult, Riley thought it would be all right there and had no idea that things were far apart!!

4. "Mommy, I hate being the last in line" (with a big pout and a lower lip sticking wayyyy out)

5. "Disney world is HUUGGEEEE"
6. "Mommy why are all the potties stinky?" I don't know sweetie - do they all smell bad? Remember Mommy's nose doesn't work very well so I can't smell them. "Yes mommy, they are all stinky. Did the boys come poopoo in all the potties?" **And she was serious as could be and wasn't very happy that I couldn't hold back my chuckle.

7. I asked Joey to hop out of bed so we could go somewhere and Riley said "Mommy he can't hop out o fbed or he would fall" **I think she's learned her lesson about jumping on the bed
8. "Mama we saw the space shuttle that took people to real outer space"

9. After playing with a girl for about 2 minutes in the pool, we were walking to the restroom and Riley said "I sure do like her, I'm going to invite her to my next birthday party, when we get back I'll ask her her name."
10. Disney world is awesome and has short sinks nearly every where that are the perfect size for kiddos - they even have their own soap dispenser and usually a paper towel thingy too. When we walked into one bathroom I said oh Riley look they have a little sink too. "Mommy, it's a medium sink because I'm not small I'm medium."

11. And last but not least - when we were sitting in the airport getting ready to come home, just watching people and the airplanes (and vegging because we had gotten up at 4:30am which felt like 3:30 am our time) and Riley looks at us and says "I really hate it when you treat me like a baby." Speechless is what we were!

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Leslie said...

OMG she is soooooo darn funny!!!!

Welcome home i missed ya! I cant wait to take Abby to Disney in a few years..We took the boys 5 years ago and hardly saw everthing..VERY overwhelming but sooo cool!