Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Riley - God is Good

So I called the pediatrician today, mainly to appease Joey, because I really thought Riley was fine, sore, but fine, and they wanted to see her. This made her mama stress just a tad because I had spent the entire day telling myself she was ok, and truly believing it.

Well...................4 x-rays later, and an awesomely brave little girl who only shed a couple of tears when Mommy had to leave the x-ray room because her super, brave, awesome Daddy was right there holding her, we have a sprained arm. I was a little worried when she wasn't able to do one thing the doctor wanted her too, but all is well and now we know with pretty good certainty - she is fine, still a bit sore, but she has a new princess phone and got to eat at McDonald's for supper so all that helped a little too.

Thanks to everyone out there who was praying for our sweetie - God is good!!


Leslie said...

amen to that! Yummm happy meals!

Alysa said...

I am sooo glad that Riley is ok. Thanks for the update.