Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turkey Day Recap - only a week late

Thanksgiving Day was a great day. The weather was nice, we got to see some family we don't see very often and the kids all played wonderfully together (which is pretty awesome since they don't all see each other very often). We had too much food, which is always the case at family gatherings I think, and were definitely ready for a nap by mid-afternoon! We did have a couple of family members that couldn't make it who we missed, but hopefully everyone will be together for Christmas!!

Krystina & Patricia
Christopher showing off
So this is a repeat, but I just love this pic of Riley!
Why does she so often have her tongue out?
"Hanging" from the tree and showing me how strong she was
Hmmm.....I think Riley knows she's probably not supposed to be doing this, but hoping she'll get away with it since Patricia was ahead of her.
Cousin Cayman
A typical pic for these too - it's very hard to get them to be serious for a photo!
Silly Christopher
The girls entertained themselves for a very long time with this wagon. They all took turns pulling each other and I was very impressed that they all took a turn pulling - seriously they did!
The next most popular activity of the day was building this "Sand Castle" in Papa's yard
Patricia, Cayman and Riley worked on it for probably a good half hour before Krystina joined them and they still worked at least another 15 minutes. Can you guess who needed baths that night?
Riley just kept playing and playing, she wanted to get it "Just right"
Christopher was kinda upset they wouldn't let him help, but he wanted to poke holes in it and stick sticks thru it and try and write Indian symbols on it. I backed them and told him to find something else - he opted for a gravel castle of his own with lots of semi-dirty looks in their directions.
At the end of the day even these guys knew it was naptime.

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Jenelle said...

These are great pictures, Rachel! It looks like the kiddos all had lots of fun. I would have been lying on the porch with the dogs. ;)